Standard Fit Vs Comfort Fit

This concern mostly arises in wedding bands. But what are your options?

Comfort Fit

Comfort Fit

A comfort-fit design is simple and effective.
The slight dome helps the ring glide over your finger and fit over knuckles. As such, comfort fit is highly recommended for those with bigger knuckles.
With a comfort fit, the size of the ring also fits looser, which means you should verify the correct size before you buy.

Flat Band- Comfort

Flat Band is the standard type of comfort fit, with an inner dome.

Heavy Domed-Comfort

Heavy Domed combines a dome in the inside but also in the outside of a band/ring.


Standard Fit

Standard fit offers a flat inner surface and makes sizing a little easier. It also works better with detailed bands, like those on engagement rings.

Flat Band - Standard

Standard Flat fit have a straight interior, and
do not have the extra dome of metal provided by comfort fit wedding bands.

Heavy Domed- Standard

Standard Heavy may not have the inner dome, but there is a curvature on the outer of the band/ring.

Which is the right fit for me?

Well, there are countless factors that go into that. Here are a few considerations that might help you lean one way or another.

  • Comfort fit bands work best for men – Because men tend to have larger knuckles than women, they can have issues getting a standard fitted wedding ring on and off because of its consistent diameter. After all, the diameter is sized for their finger, not their knuckle! This means a ring can be the right size for their finger and still not actually fit properly.
  • Standard fit sizing is easier – Are you particularly worried about getting the proper ring size right off the bat? Well, if you are, this might not be the time to experiment with different ring fits. Comfort fit ring sizes can be a little bit more difficult to peg than others because their diameter isn’t consistent all the way through. If you get a ring and both the interior and edges don’t fit perfectly, it could easily fall off. So, for those who are buying for a partner or who have not already tried on different comfort fit rings, sticking with standard might be for the best.
  • Standard fit isn’t the best for people with joint pain – Are you someone who suffers from arthritis or some other chronic pain in your hands or fingers? If so, we highly encourage opting for comfort rather than standard fit wedding bands. These will allow you better range of motion and allow you to flex your fingers without your band causing too much pressure or digging in. People who work with their hands often will also fare better with these for similar reasons.