Casey and Janine Melvin are two dynamic, entrepreneurial sisters who co-founded THEFUTUREOFJEWELRY. The “Warby Parker of Jewelry” is a full-service digital jewelry design house and manufacturer. TFOJ specializes in creating the digital software infrastructure and physical supply chain for designing, creating, and finishing custom jewelry pieces in a wide variety of materials. The company, established by sisters Casey and Janine Melvin in early 2017, was founded to make jewelry customization easier, more affordable, and accessible for all.
The sisters, both in their 2L year of law school at the before founding their company, decided to take leaves of absence and pursue their vision for the future of jewelry. TFOJ combines their passions for jewelry, design, and technology.


THEFUTUREOFJEWELRY story begins in Mallorca, a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean, in an adorable little family-owned jewelry shop. Casey and Nina were awed by the natural beauty and gothic architecture along the coast. Wanting to purchase something from the island to commemorate their trip, they happened into a small family-owned jewelry shop. There, they fell in love with a small gold signet ring on which they could engrave their initials. Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have one of the gold signet rings in Nina’s size. So for Christmas, Casey began to search online for a similar signet ring to buy as a gift for Nina and was sorely disappointed at her lack of options. So they created a jewelry company, from the ground up, to empower others to create their own custom jewelry in a streamlined user experience online.

Casey & Janine

Casey and Janine “Nina” Melvin are the daughters of Joan and Greg Melvin, who instilled in them the exact type of fearlessness and resilience that is essential in making a startup success. Casey is the oldest sister of 6 Melvin kids (4 sisters and 1 brother). She spent her childhood playing softball and basketball competitively through high school, and was recruited to play Division I softball at Princeton University. She graduated with a degree in American Politics and a certificate in Political Economy. Some of her favorite things: fashion, jewelry design, tech advances, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing. In her “me” time, Casey enjoys traveling to new places, listening to podcasts, debating politics and policy with her friends, and learning new things on her own (from learning to code to rewiring the garage door opener).

Nina and her twin brother, John, fall right in the middle of the Melvin children. She spent her childhood playing competitive softball and basketball, and was recruited to play Division I softball at Brown University, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2014. Some of her favorite things: fashion, jewelry design, playing with her dogs Hamilton the bulldog and Winnie the Bichon. In her “me” time, Janine enjoys embroidery, art, tending to her plants, traveling to new places, watching documentaries, and sangria.