Visualizing Ring Band Width

Ring size often gets confused with ring width. Ring size is the diameter of the ring and is also reflective of a finger size. (Check our guide on how to find your ring size here). The ring width refers to the thickness of the band itself. 

In our wedding bands app -at the moment- we offer 3 Widths:

  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm

You can have a look in our sample image to have a better understanding of the size of the band in an average hand size.

The width you select will always be a matter of preference related to personal factors, visual styling and physical comfort. Some typical sizes for women’s and men’s rings are. 
Women’s rings will typically range from 2mm to 4mm which are easier to put on and take off. Men’s rings will typically range slightly wider from 4mm to 8mm.

Thinner bands  are classic & elegant and usually are more ideal for shorter and thicker fingers. Also,  they will be less expensive since less metal is used in the overall construction.

Wider bands are perfect for a more statement look. They also don’t tend to spin on your finger or droop forward, as thinner bands can tend to do. In addition, some people like the more solid feel of a wider band and some believe that it’s more comfortable to wear as it doesn’t pressure the finger in a single tight spot. However, they can be difficult to put on and take off and feel stiffer on your finger.

 Remember that these are just the most common sizes, note necessarily the ‘best’ widths

An easy way to imagine how these sizes look is to pull out some nickels and pennies. A nickel is about 2 millimeters wide and a penny is about 1.5 millimeters wide. So if you play around with a few coins and hold them up to your finger, you can get a rough idea of just what 1.5 millimeters all the way up to 10 millimeters or more would look like on your finger.