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An original take on a classic ring. The De Rigueur Designs Claddagh ring features a heart, a crown, and the De Rigueur bear & tiger. The heart represents love. Be it romantic love, platonic love, or familial love. Love is at the center of the ring as a reminder to keep it at the center of your life. The bear & tiger represent peace and compromise. The bear & tiger are here to remind you to always be open. It’s always worth it. The crown represents self. Above all in this world you need to take care of yourself.

When the De Rigueur Design Claddagh heart points toward the finger, the heart is right side up from another person’s point of view. We see this as extending love to whomever you come in contact with. Also, in this position the crown is facing you which will serve as a reminder to treat yourself like the Queen you are.

When the De Rigueur Design Claddagh heart points toward your wrist, the bear & tiger as well as the crown will be right side up to another person’s point of view. This will remind others that the compromise and compassion should come first. When you wear your ring like this you will see the heart first. Reminding you of your loved one or reminding you to do the most good.

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Gold, Rose, Silver


14K Gold, Sterling Silver

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