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The rainbow is comprised of seven different colors. Each of these colors is vibrant & beautiful, and each one is different than the next. This conveys the beautiful message of inclusiveness and cohesion. It demonstrates how beautiful diversity can be. For this reason, the rainbow symbol has been adopted by many groups or demographics that pursue equality. The rainbow meaning teaches us to embrace our own differences and the differences of those around us. Rainbows can motivate us to continue and endure through dark times. Another way that rainbows provide us with hope and motivation is by being a symbol for good luck. Rainbows are often thought to bring good fortune. In Irish mythology, they are even thought to be the hiding place for pots of gold. In general, rainbows are seen as transcending the earthly realm. Rainbows are the physical symbolism of this ascent. It provides us with inspiration to achieve greater heights and seek wisdom from the worlds beyond. The rainbow is the bridge that closes the gap between these two realms and allows for the possibility for communication. It is symbolic of possibility in many other ways as well. The glowing arch appears high above our horizon and can look close and distant at the same time. We are incapable of finding its end, which is a beautiful metaphor for life itself.


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Gold, Rose, Silver


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