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The pig is a symbol of prosperity, fertility and lots of good luck. Keeping pigs was a sure way of insuring your family’s well-being and Swine farmers were known to always have food. As the old Irish saying goes; “The pig is the gentleman who pays the rent”.  All over Europe they have sayings that translate to “lucky pig.” The term is absolutely positive, meaning “Wow! You’re lucky!” In Norway the term “heldiggris” is very common, in Germany they say “Glücksschwein”, in Sweden it is “tur gris”, in Denmark it is “heldig gris”, and in Iceland they say “heppinn svín”.  Pigs have a history of insuring a family’s finances. The piggy bank is a worldwide symbol of money. Feeding our piggy bank with coins is an indisputable sign that we are caring for our financial future.  Pig charms remain popular to this day, attracting wealth and luck to the wearer. 


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Gold, Rose, Silver


14K Gold, Sterling Silver