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The word “Bat” (fu, Chinese: 蝠) in Chinese sounds identical to the word for luck (fu, Chinese: 福.) Due to the similarity in pronunciation in Chinese spoken language, the symbolic meaning of Bat is commonly recognized as good fortune in Chinese culture. Bats are often seen as a sign of a long and healthy life. As symbols of good luck and happiness, bats have few rivals in Chinese culture, and their admiration for bats is ancient. Usually, more than one bat symbol can be seen. Two bats or “shuang fú” means double luck. Five bats signify Five Fortunes – Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity. The Bat Charm will bring you good luck, health, and happiness. And yes, five bat charms will bring you the Five Fortunes!


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Gold, Rose, Silver


14K Gold, Sterling Silver